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Expectations are amazing things.  If they’re met we’re happy – if they’re not, everyone is miserable.  When we did this Kia spot the client was fearless – “I want French and Chic but with an Aussie twist” – She didn’t let her Korean pedigree spoil the creative brief.

So how do you get your expectations as a client met – or better still exceeded?

Be honest.  Don’t pretend everything is fantastic if it isn’t.  If staff are disinterested and unmotivated – tell us.  If your competitor is seen as better than you – be up front. 

Share things that you like – videos, photographs, music – things that inspire you and strike the right tone. 

Take the wonderful Margaret from Synapse, who said to me “I want it to look like the Apple iPhone 5 videos.”  Voila! 

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