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My client Nicki, at The Athlete’s Foot, did a lot of  work on the Adidas series of Digital spots (5  in total).  She wrote the script outline, which I then fleshed out. She cast it, did wardrobe and makeup and even arranged a location.  As a result she got a job that was much cheaper than usual.

Everyone wants to know what the cost will be – some even ask me this before they’ve met me and given a brief.

I understand wanting an estimate as soon as possible – I find myself doing that with tradies:

Me : My toilet seems to be blocked – how much to unblock it?

Pete the Plumber : Well it depends what is blocking it – I’m $70 call out and $70 per hour.

Its not possible to give an answer that is meaningful until you know what you need, what the strategy should and what’s the solution.

And if like Nicki – you can do some work yourself that meaningfully saves the producer time and money…..then you’ll save money too!

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