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A strong brief is like a great recipe – you understand what’s got to be done, you have a clear idea of the ingredients – and at the end it looks just like the photo!

If you’re new to briefs & video then I think its good to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What outcome do you want? Who is your audience and how do you want them to feel about your business?
  2. Where will it be used?  Is it business presentation, a website, staff induction, launch drinks?
  3. What is the deadline and who internally is going to drive the project?

Once you know the answers,  meet with potential providers to help you focus your brief with more questions.  This may involve more questions!  They should then be able to come back to you with a 1 page overview and a rough budget.

Above is a job we turned around in 2 weeks for Synapse Medical Billing.  Margaret knew the answer to the 3 questions. Clever woman.

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