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Helen Campbell is just me – simple – straightforward.  I produce, write and direct – with a strong eye for a story, whether its sales and marketing or people and life.

It means you meet one person and you deal with one person from beginning to end.

I’m not a big business, but I am a personal one. 

It doesn’t mean I do everything.  But it does mean that anyone who works on our business (yours is mine) is someone I’ve trusted and worked with for a long time. 

I’m a fifth generation sugar cane farmer’s daughter from Northern NSW. I went to a one teacher school for my lower primary years – and didn’t wear shoes until I went to high school.

Now I love shoes.

I also love Sydney and enjoy living here very much.

It’s a big city – but I also like that I’m part of a smaller community within that big city.  And I have a local deli, fruit shop and butcher who notice that I’m back ….again.

And that city + country thing is very much what I bring to my work.  I can think big and grand, I can do scale and fashion and beauty – but for me there is always the opportunity to bring it back down to the individual, to connect with a group or a community or an idea.

Find out more about my work background from Linkedin, Vimeo & You Tube and a mixture of personal and work stuff on Instagram. 

Or you can give me a call. 


Helen Campbell

 Tel: 0414 818 401

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