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Using the “Your only paranoid if they’re actually not after you” logic we approached the 2016 Medicare campaign with a degree of passion and experience.  How do you communicate just what an incredible system Medicare is in under 2 minutes.  …

Academic Units – Respiratory Health

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South West Sydney Local health District: It has been the highlight or my work year!  in 2015 they established 3 academic units.  Just amazing, talented and dedicated clinicians and researchers.  It all adds up to better patient outcomes and a …


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The 2015 Back To School TVC for The  Athlete’s Foot shows just how much you can say in a 15 second TVC.  And getting me to arrange writing, producing and directing shows just how much it costs to make a …


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This was a little promo for a pilot one of my clients was interested in producing.  Matt is wonderful talent – very authentic and very talented.  Tim – who both shot and edited – likewise.  The beauty of something like …

Megafactories : Bunderberg Rum

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Megafactories : Bundaberg Rum was an absolute joy of a job. Wonderful company, great people and an inspiring community. Definitely a highlight for 2013.  Northern Pictures and Alison Black – my EP – gave the support and structure I really …

Say Sayonara

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Cost effective, video production that is quick to turn around and handled by an experienced team. Video content that represents your brand and ideals can reach more people with more impact.

New Balance = speed + comfort + ugg boots

New Balance
This is the latest in a series of digital spots for The Athlete’s Foot. The idea is we shoot and edit each one in 2 days. Just Paul the DOP, Nicki the client, the talent and me. We shoot it guerilla – no permits, or make up or trucks - in fact the house front in this one we secured the morning of the shoot – knocked on the door and asked if we could use their porch. Nice people in Surry Hills.